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Remittance Product of Nepal Bank Limited

The oldest, biggest and most trusted bank in Nepal, Nepal Bank Limited has largest network of branches in the country and very big network of correspondent and agency relationship all over the world. The business of remittance fund transfer into Nepal, from Nepal and within Nepal through this bank is most reliable, timely at the minimum of charges. 

A) Inward Remittance (receiving of money in Nepal)

  1. SWIFT: Through this system the remitter anywhere in the world can remit or transfer the fund in Nepal very easily, securely and quickly. The remitter can transfer the money in Nepal through Nepal Bank Limited just by mentioning this bank's SWIFT identity, that is, NEBLNPKA and beneficiary details. The widest network of branches of this bank can take care of your need very efficiently and at the minimum of cost
  2. TT and Mail transfer: we have arrangement made with major banks in financial centers as well as with banks in neighboring counties to receive funds through tested telegraphically transferred funds. We also honor the mail transfer from major banks.
  3. Drafts: We have system of honoring drafts drawn on us by many banks denominated in major currencies such as USD, Euro, GBP.
  4. Remittance from Gulf Countries: We have maintained special relationship with banks, financial institution and exchange houses in Gulf countries where majority of Nepali workers are working so that their hard earned money can be received by family members in Nepal.
  5. Western Union Money Transfer Service: Due to the arrangement made by our bank with this fund transferring institution through Hulas Remittance, the beneficiary in Nepal can receive money very quickly and the beneficiary does not need any account to receive the fund.
  6. Remittance from India: We have arrangement made with many banks in India by which remitter in India can remit the fund through SWIFT, TT, Mail Transfer, Drafts etc.
All remittance into Nepal through Nepal Bank Limited is quick, dependable and cheap because the beneficiary anywhere in the Nepal can receive the money without needing services of other banks because Nepal Bank Ltd has largest network of branches in Nepal in important places.

B) Outward Remittance:
  1. SWIFT: Through this System we can cater the need of customer to remit the fund anywhere in the world, denominated in major currencies.
  2. Draft: We have draft drawing arrangement made with our correspondent banks in many countries of the world where Nepalese individual and institution need to transfer fund due to any reason.
  3. TT and Mail Transfer: Because of our international banking relationship we can handle the outward remittance business though this method.
  4. Remittance to India: We can cater the need of business community and individuals to transfer the fund denominated in Indian Rupee In India very efficiently and at the minimum of commission compared to any bank in the Nepal.

We offer you good remittance facilities to send money to Nepal for your loved ones. Depending on your location and the speed with which you want the money transferred you can take our service. You can do Telegraphic Transfer for remittance of money through our correspondent Banks. 

Now, we offer you very fast and reliable money transfer facilities through SWIFT. 

Essential details for SWIFT remittance to Nepal (from any country / bank)
Nepal Bank's SWIFT Code for remittance to Nepal NEBLNPKA
Account with Institutions: Please give full detail of Bank, Branch and its complete postal address, where the beneficiary is maintaining account
Beneficiary Customer Please give account number, name, address and phone / fax number (if available) of the beneficiary

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