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Personal Loans

NBL Personal Loans 

  • Provided to fulfill the personal needs of an individual
  • Provided against the land and building

  • Personal Term Loan
  • Personal Overdraft Loan

Contact: Any branches of NBL.

  • Borrower must have regular and stable source of income
  • Borrower must be Nepalese citizen
  • The collateral must be accessible by at least eight feet wide road
  • Borrower must have work experience
  • Borrower must be 21 years of age and should not exceed 60 at the time of maturity of loan.
  • The retirement age must be more than the tenure of the loan.

Criteria Parameter
NBL Personal Term Loan
Maximum limit Up to Rs.50 Lakh. Purpose of loan to be clear and justify for PTL above Rs.50 lakh.
Loan portion Up to (40% inside Kathmandu Valley and 50% Outside the valley) of value estimated by valuator acceptable to the bank
Tenure Minimum: 2 years Maximum: 15 years
First payment date From the end of the subsequent month of initial drawn down.
Prepayment charge 0.15% prepayment charge on prepaid amount.
NBL Personal Overdraft Loan
Maximum Limit Up to 50 Lakhs.
Loan portion Up to (40% inside Kathmandu Valley and 50% Outside the valley) of value estimated by valuator acceptable to the bank
Tenure 1 year; can be renewed subject to periodic review
Minimum utilization limit 60% of approved limit

Processing fee

0.75% of the financed amount at the time of submission of loan application. The fee shall be refunded if the loan is not approved. 

Documents Salaried Self Employed
Identification documents
2 Passport size photo of applicant and one passport size photo of guarantor Required Required
Photocopy of citizenship certificate of applicant and guarantor Required Required
Photocopy of Tax/PAN/VAT certificate and registration certificate Not required Required
Proof of Income related documents
Original Salary Certificate not more than 10 days old Required Not required
Photocopy of contract agreement between applicant and his/her employer Required Required
Photocopy of Rent Contract, if any Required Required
Original/photocopy of Bank Statement (Past 6 months) Optional Optional
Photocopy of audited/management prepared financial statements for past 3 years Not required Required
Land and/or building related documents
Original letter stating coparcener  from local authority (Ward) Required Required
Original Blue Print of the land  Required Required
Original copy of restraint letter  from Land Revenue Office  Required Required
Original construction completion certificate from Municipality/VDC in case of purchasing already built house  Required Required
Original/photocopy of detailed break down of cost estimation from the applicant’s consultant Required Required
Original land ownership certificate  Required Required
Original latest land revenue receipt  Required Required
Photocopy of blue print of building approved from Municipality/VDC  Required Required
Photocopy of land Transfer Deed  Required Required
Original four Boundary Disclosure  from ward office/municipality Required Required
Legal/Other documents
Debit authority note Required Required
Photocopy of Memorandum and Articles of Association/partnership deed Not required Optional
Credit information of borrowers and guarantors from CIC and branch Required Required
Cash deposit voucher of processing fee Required Required
Current account of the borrower Required Required
Credit Facility letter accepted by the borrower Required Required
Promissory Note Required Required
Original copy of loan deed Required Required
Insurance of the building Required Required
Original copy of mortgage deed Required Required
PAN for loan above 50 Lakhs Required Required

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