Bank Guarantee

Bank Guarantee
S.No. Particulars Charges

1 Guarantee

Guarantee Per Quarter
1 Bid Bond 0.25% or Minimum NPR 1,000
2 Performance Bond 0.375% or Minimum NPR 1,500
3 Advance payment Guarantee 0.375% or Minimum NPR 1,500
4 Payment/Credit Supply Guarantee 0.375% or Minimum NPR 2,000
5 Guarantee issued in favor of Courts of Nepal​ 1.00% or Minimum NPR10,000 (at least 1 year fee shall be taken in advance)
10 Bank Guarantee secured by Fixed Deposit Receipt 0.25% for bid bond and 0.375% for Performance bond or minimum NPR 1,000
6 Bonded Warehouse/Custom Guarantee 0.375% or Minimum NPR 2,000
7 Guarantee for EXIM Code (Under performance Guarantee) NPR 2,000
8 Guarantee for obtaining license (air ticketing, route permit, etc.) 0.375% or minimum NPR 2,000
9 JV Guarantee issuance or amendment NPR Rs. 500 per issuance plus other applicable charges for related bank guarantee
11 Third Party bank guarantee Additional NPR 2,000 per quarter on applicable charges for related Bank Guarantee

2 Counter Guarantee

1 Issuance of Counter Guarantee Per Quarter
NPR 0.50% or Minimum NPR 5,000
INR 0.50% or Minimum INR 5,000+ Service Charge
Other FCY 0.50% or Minimum USD 100 + Service Charge
Agency Commission USD 50
SWIFT Commission USD 50
3 Amendment for time extension within the same quarter USD 50.00
2 Amendment other than time extension and value increment USD 50.00

3 Advising Guarantee

Advising Guarantee Authentication Charges
1 Up to USD 100,000 USD 20
2 Above USD 100,000 USD 50

4 Amendments/Cancellation/Handling of Guarantee

1 Amendment for terms other than value increase and/or validity extension NPR 1000
2 Amendment for Value/Validity extension within the quarter for which the communication has already been charged NPR 1,000
3 Amendment for Value/Validity Extension As per issuance Commission Above
4 Other Amendment i.e., clauses etc. NPR 1,000
5 Guarantee Claim Handling Charges (to be charged to the applicant) NPR 2,000 plus other related charges
6 Guarantee Cancellation Charges NPR 1000
Note: 1. Commission for renewal of guarantee shall be charged as new guarantee. 2. Commission shall be charged on quarterly basis though the tenure has not completed the quarter. E.g.: Guarantee issued for 4 months shall be considered as two quarter. 3.
7 Duplicate Certified Copy of Bank Guarantee NPR 1,000