Letter of Credit

Letter of Credit
S.No. Particulars Charges

1 Import Letter of Credit

Payment of LC without loan (for sight L/c) NPR 500
6.5.1 Issuance of Import Letter of Credit
Sight LC Issuance 0.10% or Minimum NPR 2,000
Usance LC Issuing 0.20% or Minimum NPR 4,000
Document Returned Unpaid/Unaccepted NPR 1,000 + Communication charge
BCI Report NPR 1,000 Plus Actual Charge of correspondent bank/credit agency
Document Acceptance NPR 1,000
Note: 1. Reimbursement and other charges (if any) in corresponding/foreign banks shall be recovered from the customer on actual basis. 2. For Usance LC, LC Commission of 0.20% per Quarter shall be charged (0.10% or Minimum NPR 2,000 at the time of LC opening and remaining at the time of settlement)
6.5.2. Amendments in Import Letter of Credit
1 Amount and Duration Equivalent to issuance commission plus swift charge
2 Other Terms NPR 2,500 Plus SWIFT Charge
4 Amendment for Custom Purpose NPR 500
6.5.3. Discrepancy Charge on Import Letter of Credit
1. NPR NPR 2,500
2 INR INR 4,000
3 USD USD 80
4 Euro Euro 70
5 GBP GBP 70
6 JPY JPY 8,000
6.5.4. Text Authentication charge
1 Up to USD 100,000 USD 20
2. Above USD 100,000 USD 50
6.5.5. LC Advising charge
1 NPR NPR 2,500
2 INR INR 2,000
6.5.6. LC Swift charge NPR 1,500
Issuance of Delivery Order against copy documents NPR 500/- per set of documents
Cancellation of LC Draft (before transmission) NPR 1,000
Cancellation of transmitted LC NPR 2,500 plus swift Charge

2 Export Letter of Credit and Cash Against Document (CAD)

1 Advising charges adding confirmation per quarter 0.50% or Minimum NPR 5,000 per quarter
2 Document collection charge 0.15% or Minimum NPR 1,000 per quarter
3 Advising or forwarding charge NPR 2,000 plus Swift Charge
4 Advising charge for amendment of LC NPR 1,000 Plus Swift Charge
5 Cash Incentive Document Processing NPR 750 per Set of Document
6 LC cancellation (Unutilized) NPR 2000 plus Swift Charges
7 Cash Against Document (CAD) permit NPR 3,000 for each Permit
8 Export Re-Financing Document Processing NPR 750 per set of export document
9 Text authentication
i Up to USD 100,000 USD 20
ii Above USD 100,000 USD 50
iii LC swift charge per message NPR 1,000
Note: 1. While negotiating "At Sight" documentary bills, existing interest rate applicable to export loan shall be charged. 15 days shall be taken in consideration while charging interest. Minimum interest Rs.1,000. 2. In case of “Usance” documentary cre
Advising charges without confirmation NPR 2000 per Advise
Export Bills/Docs Collection/purchase/negotiation 0.15% or Minimum NPR 2,000 per set of documents
Overdue Export Bills Additional 2% p.a. interest for overdue period
Amendment in CAD NPR 1000