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Margin Lending

Margin Lending

Nepal Bank limited offers loan facility against the pledge of dematerialized marketable security of companies listed by bank itself among the companied listed under in NEPSE to individuals, firm/company etc. Minimum loan limit under NBL margin landing is Rs.2, 00,000. Maxmium tenure of this loan shall be one year. The loan can be renewed based on the satisfactory performance of borrower as per rule of regulatory body. 

1. Identification Related 

  • Personal identification of borrower and guarantors
  • Photograph of borrower and guarantor
  • Family details from concerned local authority.
  • Firm registration certificate (if loan in the name of company)
  • PAN/VAT certificate (if loan in the name of company)
  • Demat statement
  • Bank statement
  • Loan purpose
  • PAN of borrower for loan Rs.50 lakh and above