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NBL Pensioner Loan

This loan is provided to pension holder consuming pension through Nepal Bank Limited after got retirement from different government organizations, corporations etc.


  • Borrower, guarantor, and related person must be Nepalese citizen.
  • Borrower must be pensioner of the Nepal Bank limited.
  • Civil servent, police, army, teacher and retired employee of NBL obtaining pension from nepal bank are eligible for this loan.
  • Loan will be provied against the pension patta and the pension amount.

Loan terms

  • Term loan Tenure will can be 5 years or maximum 75 years age at the time of maturity of loan for term loan.
  • Overdraft loan shall be maximum Rs. 5 lakh and will be revolving nature with 1-year tenure.
  • Loan amount minimum 4 years of monthly pension amount or the 15 lakhs whichever is minimum.

Document required:

Identification Related

  • Personal identification of borrower, guarantor and all related persons.
  • Photographs of bor
  • Rower and guarantor.
  • Family details of the borrower verified by loacal authority.
  • Pension patta

Income related

  • Monthly Pension amount is the main source of the loan and interest payment.
  • Loan will be provided on the behaf of the pension patta and its income justification.