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Margin Lending

This loan is provided against the shares of the companies, which are listed in Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) and acceptable to the bank. The companies whose shares are eligible for NBL Margin Lending are: 

S.N. Name of the Company Code
Commercial Banks
1. NABIL Bank Limited NABIL
2. Standard Chartered Bank Limited SCB
3. Everest Bank Limited EBL
4. NIC Asia Bank Limited NICA
5. Nepal SBI Bank Limited SBI
6. Citizen Bank International Limited CZBIL
7. Prime Commercial Bank Limited PCBL
8. Global IME Bank Limited GBIME
9. Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited NBB
10. Agricultural Development Bank of Nepal ADBL
11. Machhapuchhre Bank Limited MBL
12. Mega Bank Nepal Limited MEGA
13. Sanima Bank Limited SANIMA
14. Sunrise Bank Limited SRBL
15. Kumari Bank Limited KBL
16. Laxmi Bank Limited LBL
17. Himalayan Bank Limited HBL
18. Bank of Kathmandu BOK
19. NMB Bank Limited NMB
20. Nepal Investment Bank Limited NIB
21. Siddhartha Bank Limited SBL
22. Nepal Credit & Commerce Bank Limited NCCB
23. Century Commercial Bank Limited CCBL
24. Civil Bank Limited CBL
25. Prabhu Bank Limited PRVU
Development Banks
1. Kailash Development Bank Limited KBBL
2. MahaLaxmi Development Bank Limited MLBL
3. Sangrila Development Bank Limited SADBL
4. Muktinath Development Bank Limited MNBBL
5. Garima Bikas Bank Limited GBBL
6. Deva Development Bank DBBL
7. Jyoti Bikas Bank Limited JBBL
8. Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank Limited KSBBL
1. Butwal Power Company Limited BPCL
2. Arun Valley Hydropower Company Limited AHPC
3. Chilime Hydropower Company Limited CHCL
Insurance Companies
1. Sagarmatha Insurance Company Limited SIC
2. National Life Insurance Company Limited NLICL
3. NLG Insurance Company Limited NLG
4. Life Insurance Corporation Nepal LICN
5. Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited NLIC
6. Himalayan General Insurance Limited HGI
7. NECO Insurance Company Limited NIL
8. Shikhar Insurance Company limited SICL
9. Siddhartha Insurance Limited SIL
10. Asian Life Insurance Limited ALICL
11. Gurans Life Insurance Company Limited GLICL
12. Lumbini General Insurance Limited LGIL
13. Everest Insurance Company Limited EIC
14. Prudential Insurance Company Limited PICL
15. Prabhu Insurance Company Limited PRIN
16. Prime Life Insurance Company Limited PLIC
17. Surya Life Insurance Company Limited SLICL
1. Soaltee Hotel Limited SHL
2. Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited NTC
3. Unilever Nepal Limited* UNL

Any individual, companies, and firms can take this loan. But, all the borrowers should be Nepalese citizen. This loan can be taken against the shares owned by any person or company. 

Contact: Any branches of NBL.


Maximum Loan Amount Up to single obligor limit
Minimum Loan Amount NRs. 5,00,000
Draw Down The draw down is restricted to stipulated as mentioned by bank on time to time.
Security Pledge over the shares and lien of right shares, dividends and bonus shares

Management fee: 0.75% of the loan amount. 

Documents Required: 

For individual
  • Copy of citizenship certificate of the borrower and other owners of the shares.
  • Personal Gurantee of coheirs of the borrower.

For All
  • Loan application form duly filled and signed.
  • Original share certificates.
  • Letter of consent issued by the borrower addressed to the concerned companies for the pledge of shares with NBL.
  • Letter of consent from Borrower to the concerned company for the lien over shares in favor of NBL and accretion (Dividend, Bonus shares, Right shares).

For firm / partnership / company
  • Firm Registration Certificate.
  • PAN Certificate.
  • Partnership deed (in case of partnership firm only).
  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association (in case of company).
  • By-laws and articles (in case of association/trust).
  • Resolution of Board/Executive Committee for obtaining the loan (in case of company/association/trust).
  • Power of attorney for signing the loan application and security documents (in case of company/association).
  • Personal guarantee of shareholders holding 10% of total shares or more (in case of company).

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